About Yourfresh - The Company

Yourfresh Produce are an affordable and easy to use fruit and vegetable supplier that help stock up your fridges and kitchens with exceptional organic and local produce* items, as well as quality cheeses, fresh to go deli offerings, dry goods, food stores and freezer products.


Each Customer will have a dedicated customer care account manager who will keep you posted with seasonal availability, new products and special offers.

Call 01942 617 957 to speak to Yourfresh sales today.

How to Order

We have a dedicated sales team who if you prefer will ring you for your order during the day, inform you of seasonal changes and special deals. Alternatively orders can be placed 24 hours a day via our answer machine service, fax line and sales email address which goes straight to the sales office.

Telephone: 01942 617 957      Email: sales@yourfresh.co.uk     Twitter: Find Us on Twitter